Saturday, May 05, 2007

State Update

So far it has been a pretty good trip. I think that perhaps this hotel is jinxed or maybe it's us. When we stayed here last year, the hotel lost power after a major storm rolled through and we had to check out and move to another hotel. So far that hasn't happened, but yesterday morning as I was reading blogs and such, the fire alarm went off. I hurriedly shut the computer down, threw it into my backpack, grabbed my things and headed out the door walking down the 3 flights of stairs. It turns out that it was a false alarm, but they sounded for 10 minutes.
Yesterday's competition was some sweet success and a bitter defeat. Two of my three students qualified for finals. That means they are in the top 6 in their division at the state competition. My other student missed it by one place. They take the top 3 from prelims and she was fourth. Today is the final competition and then the awards will be at 3:00. Tonight we're going to Esther's Follies for fun.
Well, I need to get going. I'll try to report how my students did later. I am quite proud of them.


Summer said...

Congratulations to your students. I know you are proud!

abbagirl74 said...


Any storms your way?