Saturday, November 24, 2007

Better late?

I was tagged by Terri for a meme a while back and I'm pretty slow on the uptake. So here goes. I'm supposed to use my middle name, but it is fairly short so I'll use my online name which contains my middle name of Ann.

A - Anchored - I tend to stay in one place and and am pretty set in my ways.
N - Nice - I think overall that I'm nice to others.
N - Nerdy - Although I'm not into science fiction, I am a computer geek of sorts and like learning.
A - Able - I can get things done as long as I put my mind to it.
B - Bright - I think my intelligence is one of my best assets. I'm not a genius or even close, but I think I do have a little something going on upstairs.
E - Eclectic - I have a variety of tastes in things (except vegetables) but most especially in music.
L - Lucky - Despite some of the hardships I've faced, I've been a pretty lucky person.

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