Thursday, November 29, 2007

Time for Christmas Music

I haven't had time upload Christmas music to my mp3 player so this morning I tuned my car radio to a local station so I could listen to some music. In a 30 minute drive, I only heard 3 songs. The rest of the time was spent with the DJ's chatting. In addition, the songs were the cheesy stuff that is still "politically correct" to play. It seems that playing traditional Christmas hymns might offend people. I'm sorry, but if you don't enjoy celebrating Christmas, then turn the radio off or listen to your own music. I'm tired of people trying to say things like "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" in order to avoid offending people. (Actually the word holiday is a form of the words holy and day) And now instead of Christmas trees, we have "Family Trees." When is this going to end? Even when I was not going to church or being religious in any sense... I still celebrated Christmas. I gave some thought to the reason for the season, but regardless, I still put up a Christmas tree. I still gave and received presents. I listened to Christmas songs. I enjoyed my Christmas break from school. I wish people would get over their self-righteous attitudes and quit claiming they're offended by such terms. Despite one's religious beliefs or lack thereof, it is still a time of year to celebrate and be thankful. It is a time to give and receive.and spend time with family. It is a time of peace regardless of whether you call it Christmas, Hanukkah, Pancha Ganapati, or nothing at all.

So after my rant, the point I was making is that now I'm downloading Christmas music on my player so I can listen to the kind of music I would prefer to hear during the season of Advent. I happen to love the traditional hymns and carols. Now I can listen to all the ones I want.

Nothing exciting at school today. Just a typical day. I'm making progress with some things. I did finish grading all the debate cases and filled out purchase requisitions for our upcoming tournament. I stayed until a little after 5:00 listening to students perform. I came home and made porkchops for dinner. I sat in front of the t.v. since then and downloaded music. Now I've got to get them on my player. I'll be going to bed shortly.


Anonymous said...

In Northern America and in Europe we live in societies that are fundamentally formed by the christian religion, our culture is based on it, on christian values. So the founder's birthday is surely a time to celebrate, as the time of his death is a time to contemplate and mourn. Christmas is a family-festivity in second line, first it is a religious date. It is nonsense to change that and ridiculous. In a society of other religious fundation other days are held high, or as in Indonesia with predominantly muslim population, seemingly naturally muslim, christian, buddhist and different chinese and other holy days are respected - and it works!

Terri said...

I am so with you on this one Annabel; this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Why part of our governments and mostly no good action groups like the ACLU feel the need to change things that 90% of the public have no problem with. It's ridiculous. I love the CHRISTmas holiday and I celebrate the real reason for CHRISTmas! :o)

Susanlee said...

Not being Christian myself, I tend to say 'happy holidays' but I'm certainly not offended by "Merry Christmas," or Christmas music. I actually really enjoy traditional hymns and the like. We do have a Christmas tree, obviously, but probably because I associate it more with it's ancient pagan roots, the winter solstice and that sort of thing. I don't understand people getting all up in arms and offended about the holiday though. I think for the most part, non-Christians feel like I do, to each their own, but somebody always has to make's not always us though.

Andrew said...

You know me. I am terribly religioius (but I consider myself learning and growing). I just love the tradition. Christmas is seeped in tradition passed down for generations. I hope this is one of my best Christmases ever, and I plan on having a tree and decorations. Merry Christmas dear friend!

mapiprincesa! said...

My father died a week before Christmas, this year makes 8 years ago. The music brings my soul so much peace during what is such an emotionally turbulent time for me. I enjoyed your post and your praise of Music today. Thank you.

Summer said...

We were just talking about this yesterday at work.

Let's go to Iraq to live. Let's put up a huge fuss during Ramadan, tell them that we are offended by it. We don't want it mentioned in the school system because it's not fair to our kids.

Let's see how long our head stays attached to our body.