Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My clarinet has come home

My clarinet arrived today. It is so pretty and shiny. He did an amazing job. I hate that it is such a nice instrument in a crappy case. You should see the case. It has been through hell and back. I think that if I get any Christmas presents, I'll ask for a new case. It's something I've wanted, but won't buy for myself when there are other things I need to pay for... like bills. I forgot my reeds at school but I found some other ones so I could test it out. The keys are nice and smooth. The side keys no longer get stuck and the sound is amazing as always.

I had an interesting morning. I have an alarm clock that has two alarms. I generally set the first alarm for 6:00 a.m. and the second for about 10-11 minutes later. (The snooze is only 7 minutes) I guess somehow I slept through one or the other or at least turned it off in my sleep which is very unusual for me. I didn't wake up again until 6:37. I had to jump in the shower and try to leave by 7:10 to get to school on time since I was meeting students this morning. I didn't get out of here until about 7:18 this morning. I was about 5 minutes late meeting my student that was there.

I sold a rosary today! I got an email confirmation that someone bought one. I updated my site and I'll be shipping it out tomorrow. That is very exciting. If I sell enough, I can hopefully pay for my GRE test. I am not sure how I'll pay for it if I don't bring in some extra money. I need to start paying Josh back money that he used to pay for his dual credit classes and some other items. I also have to pay for the tags on his car this month. Next month is Christmas and it will be slim this year. I'll get Josh something and either make items for everyone else or just tell my family to not get me anything. I really need to make taking the GRE my priority. I need to be able to apply for grad school in January. I am determined to make it happen. If any of you know me at all... you know that once I set my mind to something, I do it.

I've got to get to bed earlier tonight. I didn't really go to bed that late last night, but obviously, I was still pretty tired this morning. I'm definitely going to kick one of the cats out tonight. I was up at least 5 times letting them in and out. My classes are going fine at school. I'm not having any further problems with the student I was having issues with. I am getting caught up at school. I spent a good portion of the morning cleaning my room. I tidied everything up and it feels pretty good. I have lots of things to file away, but they're in manageable stacks in my office.

Tonight I made manwiches for dinner with some mac-n-cheese. Now I'm watching t.v. waiting for Criminal Minds to come on. I'm going to do some web design work, watch my show, get the rosary ready to mail and then get to bed early. Another speech coach in the area wants to hire me to do their team website. Oh! I'm getting $50 at the end of the month for organizing a focus group of students for a college research thing.

I need to do the meme that I was tagged by Abbagirl for. If I don't get to it tonight, I'll try to get it done by tomorrow. Well, that should be enough for now.

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