Monday, November 12, 2007

No internet, no post

I really intended to post something last night. I was online for a while because I did chat briefly with Andrew. I was working hard on getting my rosary page up when the internet decided to stop working. It still wasn't working this morning. Josh just called me and said it's still not working. I am not happy about this. I will be calling the company as soon as I get home today. I figured I should post a little something from here at school since I probably won't get to post tonight.

The rosary sales were o.k. but not what I hoped for. I sold six rosaries and made $90. With the money I spent on rent, I made $60 in profit but most of that is gone now that I bought Josh his birthday present, got supper last night and a few groceries. At least it helped out a little this week. I plan to try to sell the rest online, but without the internet, I can't do much to get my site ready.

Today at school was fine. I had to hurry to get some debate cases graded before 11:59 today. I think I finished around 11:56. I got to school late because I was trying to get something done with the rosary page this morning and fiddled around with the internet that still wouldn't work. I still feel perpetually behind. I really would like to take a day off to simply stay at home and clean my house. Wishful thinking. I have the days but we're supposed to be getting another grant this year and I will lose out on part of it if I miss too many days... I'll miss four at the end of the year for grad school, I've already missed 1/2 a day for the flat tire, I'd like to go to Vegas to work for my uncle in February so that means I'll miss one or two more. If I want to see Josh in All-State band again, I may have to do what I did last year which is drive 1/2 way on Friday after school and the rest of the way Saturday morning. I just don't know.

Well, I need to get home. This will probably be the only post today. I'm going to go read a few blogs before I go home so I won't get too far behind.

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