Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meme as Promised

I was tagged by Abbagirl so here we go with my answers.

1. What were you afraid of as a child?
I think I was afraid of the dark because I always needed a night light and music playing. Now I can't stand any kind of light (my alarm clock is too bright) and I can't listen to music as it will keep me awake.

2. When have you been most courageous?
I don't know. I don't ever think of myself as having ever been courageous. I guess maybe when I finally decided to get divorced.

3. What sound most disturbs you?
Nails on a chalkboard.

4. What is the greatest amount of pain you have been in?
Physical - childbirth, hands down. No drugs.

Emotional - One night in my marriage after having a fight with my husband. I truly can't describe the feeling, but I can tell you that I banged my head against the wall and threw canned goods because I was so angry, hurt and frustrated. I think that was the beginning of my depression that lasted another two years.

5. What's your biggest fear for your own children (or children in general if you don't have children of your own)?
That something will happen to him. That he will make the same mistakes I did. That he won't be successful.

6. What is the hardest physical challenge you have achieved?
Losing 30 pounds. I took a dance workout class for six weeks that didn't really push me, but I certainly felt it in my muscles.

7. Which do you prefer: Mountains or oceans/big water?
I love to view water. I don't know that I would want to live near either, however. I kind of like being land-locked and visiting other places. But I do get excited when I travel somewhere and can see water in the distance.

8. What is the one thing you do for yourself that helps you keep everything together?
I pray every morning. I continue to participate in music which is something I do simply because I love it.

9. Ever had a close relative or friend with cancer?
Yes, my mother died from lung cancer.

10. What are the things your friends count on you for?
An ear to listen. I tend to be pretty grounded. Sometimes I have worthy advice.

11. What is the best part about being in a committed relationship?
Knowing that you have someone that cares about you. Having someone to talk to.

12. What is the hardest part about being in a committed relationship?
Getting someone else to actually commit. Finding the the right one. Being able to communicate when you are in a relationship when you are from two different worlds.

13. Summer or Winter? Why?
Summer. No school. I hate being cold.

14. Have you ever been in a school yard fight? Why and what happened?
Not at school, but I did get in a fight with a girl in my neighborhood when I was in first grade. I don't remember the details. I pretty much kept to myself in school, was shy, and didn't cause any trouble.

15. Why blog?
Because I can't help it. Because it gives me friendship. Because it seems as though some people are interested in my ordinary life. Because I have always loved to write and I guess I'm addicted.

16. Did you learn about sex, and/or sex safety from your parents?
Are you kidding? No. Friends, books, and experience.

17. How do you plan to talk to your kids about sex, and/or sex safety?
Josh knows what he needs to know.

18. What are you most thankful for this year?
That I am blessed even when I loudly complain about my life. That I have an amazing son, a good job, a home, and paid bills. I am thankful that I have a Church that helps build me up. I am thankful that God is present in my life and continues to bless me even when I am most undeserving.

Tag yourself if you are so inclined to do this meme.


Summer said...

I knew she liked me best!

Not Fainthearted said...

Hey there! thanks for answering my questions. Your answers were thoughtful.

abbagirl74 said...

yeah! loved the answers!

marykay said...

Great answers, very honest down to earth.