Thursday, November 01, 2007

No more grades

I'm caught up on grading except for papers that students haven't turned in. Everything that has been turned in to me has been graded and I've updated the gradebook program. What a relief! I started working on my office this morning. I'm making progress. I'll continue after lunch and hopefully get it in reasonable shape. The bell just rang for lunch so I'm going to go fix something to eat.

I put a dinner in the microwave so I have 3 minutes to type. What shall we talk about? I need finish up some rosaries this weekend so I can sell them next weekend. Josh and my birthdays are coming up next weekend and I don't have enough money to take us out to eat like we usually do. I hope that I sell enough rosaries to at least buy us dinner and a present for Josh. I told him that I'd buy him the Transformers movie.

***stirred lunch and put back in microwave***

The weather is getting cold here. There was a "freeze advisory" last night. I turned on the heater again after school. I hate being cold. I know I could save money buy keeping the heat down and layering and such, but I'd rather not be miserable. The school won't turn on the heaters for probably several more weeks so I just have to feel cold right now.

*** Break to eat lunch***

I didn't get a chance to finish posting after eating lunch. Now it's time to go home. The afternoon went fine. I finished notes in comm. app. early so I need to find something for them to do tomorrow. I think we'll do a test review and then play charades on Monday in preparation for 24 hours of silence.

I talked to my principal about getting my degree and he seems supportive of it. I now need to figure out how to get $140 to take the GRE. I owe Josh $120 for his dual credit classes. I spent a lot of extra money this month on his tuition payment and for the fallback festival.

Tonight I have to sing for the All Saints Mass. I also need to get to the grocery store. I'm not sure if I'll have time to post later (or have anything to say) so this will have to do for tonight's post.


mapiprincesa! said...

I checked out your rosaries--they are absolutely beautiful. I once spoke to a woman who makes rosaries and I remember her talking about how such a seemingly simple construction can be actually quite difficult. I have one I have in my car that I got at the Vatican and had it blessed by John Paul in 2001. He was beatifying three Spainsh martyrs who died in the name of the Church in the Spanish Civil War the weekend I was there. It was amazing. I have it hanging from my rearview mirror--in my mind, better than having it tucked away where I never see it. Every time the crystal beads catch the light I think of sitting in St. Peter's Square.

Congratulations on finishing your grading. What do you plan to do your Masters in? Speech/Comm?

I wish you a restful night.

Anonymous said...

I know pretty well about that money-situation. Was very lucky to have some just for the last days of celebration here, otherwise we would have had a very bleak kind of birthday here ... Just feed the family and that's it for a while. Sigh - I wish I could fix that for longer.