Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why is it...

... that when you go to bed early knowing you need to get up early that you wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep even when you know you need to get up in like four hours? Or is it just me?

I was in bed by 9:15 last night and read a little bit and had the lights out by 9:45. I set the alarm for 5:30 in order to get to school early. I eventually got up around 5:45 and took my shower and made it to school about 30 minutes earlier than I usually do. I did get some things done but it still wasn't quite enough time. I spent a good portion of 1st period looking for a new dramatic piece for a student that hasn't "got" the fact that you have to perform a piece that could be somewhat believable for the type of person you are. My principal also came by to visit so I worked with a student on her dramatic while he was there. He was gearing up for the visit from TEA or as my students call them the "feds." I didn't personally get visited, but I understand that they were on campus by 1:00 today.

I stayed after school today getting the order for our trophies ready. I had a nightmare over the weekend about our tournament and I dreamed that we didn't have trophies to hand out. I'm trying to get everything ready earlier this year because last year half the trophies they sent us were the wrong size. They were able to replace them in time, but I don't want to take any chances. I was going to shop around but after talking to other coaches, I realized that I'm really getting a pretty good deal on the trophies compared to what others are spending. We spend around $650 and we give trophies through 6th place. Other schools spend around $1000 or more and only give trophies 1st-3rd and sometimes give medals for 4th-6th.

I got home around 5:45 and Josh wanted to go to Amarillo to look at humorous books to find a piece to perform for the Lubbock swing tournament. We headed to Amarillo around 6:20 and was at Barnes and noble for almost 2 hours. We finally found a book and then we went to dinner at Fazoli's. I had the rigatoni romano which was quite yummy and I have some leftovers to take to school tomorrow.

Now it's already bed time. It's a good thing I have at least another day of clean laundry done. That's all the excitement here today. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep better tonight. I'm feeling pretty tired now.


Leann said...

It's so odd to read this when it's only 12:40p here.

Good planning on the trophy thing. At least you learn. My intentions are always good, but my follow thru....umm...not so good :-)

Hope you slept better. I have the same problem.

mago said...

I hate to get up early! If forced to I can be very very arrggghhh ... Tried to go to bed earlier, to sleep "in advance" - it's of no use at all. The only way is to get up one day before really early so I am really tired before "the important day".
There is a shop here that sells trophies, think I made a photograph of it - because he sells statues of aliens too. I guess it is in "Stadt".

Andrew said...

Ah, I am dreaming of the bed tonight. I think I might just turn in early. I've been watching your weather for you. Hoping for more snow! I am winter weather obsessed. Take care and I can't wait for an update!