Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Whining

I picked up some pre-cooked chicken for dinner and made some rice-a-roni with it. It drives my dogs nuts and they're whining to get some scraps. I also have a cat that is driving me nuts by whining outside my door at night. If I let him in, he'll sleep for a few hours and then want out. If I don't let him in, he whines until I get up and open the door and spray him with the water bottle. I just can't win it seems.

Another typical day at school. To answer Abbagirl's question, I'm doing o.k. on grading. I still have 6 more debate cases to read and grade. I didn't get to them today. I did get the trophies ordered... I think. I sent an email with my order to the person that I dealt with last year. I stayed after school to do some work on the comm. app. interview project. My students have to go through practice job interviews in a couple of weeks and we have members of the community that will be doing the interviews. I worked on a letter to them. My debate classes have started debating. I need to get ready for a sub on Friday afternoon.

I'm going to try once again to go to bed early. I just hope I'm able to get better sleep than I've been getting. Well, Criminal minds is on so I think I'll go watch it.

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mapiprincesa! said...

Everyone sounds busy on your end, Annabel. Advent begins this weekend...keep the focus, it always does help me get through all the craziness (work, kids, wants, time, expectations...) and remember what is
really most important.

Be well...