Saturday, August 20, 2005

Quick Trip

Well, I made it back from my quick trip to Albuquerque. I left yesterday at 2:30 to go to my sister's wedding. It was a nice small ceremony. I'm still kind of surprised that she is married again, but she seems very happy and I hope things work out for her.
I slept in a bit this morning as I was out way past my recent bed times. I started having major allergy issues just before leaving and by the time I got home I was fairly miserable. I took an allergy pill when I got home and then slept for two hours. I'm up again and thought I was feeling a bit of relief, but now I'm sneezing again.
I need to hop in the shower and get ready to go to dinner with a friend of mine. And yes, he's just a friend. He's married and his wife is in Michigan. He's down here working on their house that they're trying to sell. He's heading back up there to go to school in a few days. I met them when I was doing theatre and they have become good friends.
I did finally hear from the lawyer. I guess it was the fact that he did get busy rather than blowing me off (which I basically assumed). I do get into trouble for assuming things a lot. I guess it's a leftover thing from dating guys that tended to disappoint me all the time. But I guess he picked up on the "break from dating" line and assumed that's what I meant. I don't even know what I mean any more. I don't know if I need to take a break. It's not really that I want to. I'm still interested in finding the right person and all of that, but am wondering if I am going about all of this the right way.
And am I so wrong in thinking that he wasn't interested? Isn't there a basic rule of dating that if a guy is interested, you should hear from him within a few days? Especially with the advent of technology and the ease of sending an email? I don't know. I guess I'm still new to this dating stuff and I do always tend to jump to conclusions. Bad me.
I survived my first week of school and it wasn't that bad. On Friday we took the kids to an assembly where Liz Murray who was the "homeless to Harvard" girl spoke. It was really interesting to hear her story. I hope that it sank into a few of the kids.


Tammie said...

Hey girl! Thought I would respond to this entry because I think a lot of women out there might benefit. I was also under the impression at one time that if a man is interested, he will call within the next few days. However, after reading a few books on relationships such as "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus",and "He Said, She Said" I have learned that men just don't think the way we women kidding, right? Basically, when a man says he'll call you, he usually means in a few weeks or so, whereas a women is expecting a call within a few days or even a few hours. After all, if a good impression was made and the shoe was on the other foot, a woman would probably call the very next day because the man would be still be on her mind. I've learned that men tend to "compartmentalize" everything...which is just a fancy way of saying, "They only focus on one major thing at a time (with the exception of sex which, because of hormones, they think about every 8 seconds on average). Hope this information helps to dispell any doubts you have had concerning this lawyer's interest in you. Of course, there are still the possibilities he has not felt well, been excessively busy, or he DID just want to let you have the break from dating you said you wanted, even though it was only for a few weeks. Hope this is of some help for putting your mind at ease as well as the many other women out there who have had similar experiences and wondered "What the #%$@?" Basically, it's like the saying goes, "It's a man thing!" By the way, I really enjoy reading your blog and now reading Prison Pete's also...Tammie

Andrew said...

Hey Annabel,

I am glad the new job is going good. I stopped by this afternoon after my trip to my most frequently read blogs and was disappointed that so few had posted. I was glad to read things are going well with you and that you have been posting.

My mother retired from teaching in public schools for thirty years. She said the first twenty were a joy and the last ten were hell. She said she spent more time as a disciplinarian than a teacher in those later years.

I have read where you stated earlier that you disliked teaching and it was a terrible experience. I am glad this seems to be working out, but I know it is still early days. Anyways, I wish you the best and I always enjoy reading your blog. You are a gifted writer.

PS. I will not even try to give you any advice on men or dating as I am horrible at those experiences. I will leave that up to your female readers. You get some of the longest and most heartfelt comments I have ever read on a blog by far from them.