Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Somewhat more productive

Well today was a little better. This morning was a bit boring as we had a "professional" speaker talk to us. But it was the same message about what we need to do as educators... but nothing about HOW to do it. I went with my friend Stephanie to lunch at K-Bob's because I had a $10 gift certificate.
When I got back at 1:00 I had the custodian let me in my room. (Since I still have no keys) I unloaded my stuff that I had. Another teacher in the building was kind enough to let me borrow a dolly. I put up the materials I had, moved a desk into my office and then worked on my speech materials that still needed to be sorted.
At 3:45 I tried to check on getting some keys, but the office of my building had already closed. I then visited with my mentor teacher about lesson plans and what-not. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about my first week of lessons because I don't think I can get copies of materials back by the first day. I guess I'll wing it.
Tomorrow and Thursday I won't get to be in my room at all. I think I'll make plans to go up there on Saturday and see if I can get someone to help me take some shelves up there and possibly the extra filing cabinet that I have.
I have more to share, but think it will be told in the other blog.

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