Sunday, August 28, 2005

Teacher Nightmares

Well, they're starting again. I have those dreams where your class is out of control and you can't get control of it or there's that one student that you can't seem to get to behave. If you're a teacher, you know what I mean. Even when I quit teaching, I'd still have them every now and then; but I'm guessing now that I'm going back full time, they'll come more often. I've never really experienced those dreams in real life for the most part; the dreams are always worse. But I'd really rather dream of something a little more positive.
When I was working in the yearbook business, I'd have dreams once in a while that I'd forget to submit something important for a school and their books would come out wrong and I'd be blamed for it. I guess everyone in some fashion probably has their own work nightmares. Feel free to share yours here in my comments.

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momacakes said...

When I was a color specialist I would "dream" of foiling, highlighting, and color formulations ALL night long...some times I would screw up in my dream, sometimes the color would come out just fine, But no matter what, when I woke up I would be exhausted .