Thursday, August 18, 2005

Things are getting better

Today I got my email working at the school. In spite of the technology guy that is SUPPOSED to be helping with all these things, I've pretty much gotten things to work on my own. I finally emailed someone with the right answers and was able to access my school email. Now I don't feel so in the dark about things.
My classes were really pretty good today. It was interesting because I even got some applause from them. I was explaining this shield that they had to create about themselves. It has sections on it where they are to fill in stuff like something they won't change their mind about, something they're trying to become etc. I created my own to give them an example. When I got to the part about becoming Catholic, a lot of the students seemed very pleased about that. One class even clapped. Yes, it's a very dominantly Catholic and Hispanic community, but it was nice to get their approval on that.
Tomorrow is a half day for the students. Teachers are supposed to have a work session at the admin building tomorrow afternoon, but I'll be heading to Albuquerque to my sister's wedding.
I left school by 4:15 this afternoon. So far I'm staying ahead of schedule. I do need to make some plans for next week, however. I'll work on that this weekend.
Completely off any kind of topic, I have three pairs of shoes at my feet right now. I tend to come in and get on the computer to check email and stuff and just kick my shoes off. This used to really bother Richard. Sometimes I'd have about 6-8 pairs of shoes out and around the house at any one time. And it's not a habit I could just break. Oh well. Now I ask potential mates if that would bother them.

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