Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dealing with Death

I took the day off presumptively thinking I could get a lot accomplished today. I rescheduled my yearly physical for today (the one I haven't had in two years due to lack of health insurance). I also planned to get a copy of the death certificate for Josh's dad and go to social security so I could get started on applying for benefits.
I did get the doctor's appointment out of the way, but no such luck on a death certificate. At first they weren't keen on letting me get it because I wasn't married to him, but then I explained that he was my son's father and I wanted to apply for social security benefits. They decided they would do it, except it hadn't been filed yet. Turns out they had an autopsy ordered (not surprising since it was suicide), but the judge hasn't released the case so no luck there.
I called his wife to see if the funeral home would have anything and she said that they told her it would take 4-6 weeks at the time she talked to them. So now it's possibly another 2-4 weeks. Which means I'll have to take another day off most likely to get all of that taken care of. What a pain.
With no child support, the social security was my hope of salvation financially. I am down to $14 in my bank account and I don't get paid until the 20th. Today I got a cash advance on my credit card (the one I just paid off) in order to get by. Josh is going on a band trip this weekend and he needs meal money.
But despite all that, life is still good. I'm still doing well emotionally and physically. I've officially lost 29 lbs since my all time high weight and the last 5 or 6 has been in the last six weeks or so. I hope I continue to lose more. I wish I could talk myself into adding a little exercise, but I'm still not listening on that point.
Well, gotta go get some stuff done and not have this day completely wasted.

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