Friday, October 07, 2005

A Short Week

We had a four day week this past week with a teacher inservice today and will also have Monday off. The inservice wasn't as terrible as they usually are. I was able to meet with the other two speech teachers that I hadn't met yet. One was from the high school and the other was from the junior high. We spent the rest of the time watching the movie "Stand By Me." I really like that movie.

During the lunch break I went back to my room at the school and figured out a way to set up my room for new computers (wishful thinking) and rearrange my desks. I asked (again) about getting new computers hooked up earlier this week and the answer I got was that I had to get rid of the old ones in my room first before they would hook up new ones. I could put in a work order to have them removed, but the wait would be a month or more. I wish I could have been told this at the beginning of the year. So I had to find a place to put them (all 18) and then unhook everything and move them. I had the oral interp class come help do that on Thursday. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the desks up. Today I rearranged everything. I also started working on all the papers that have needed to be filed forever. I got a good start, but got tired and decided to do some of it this weekend.

I have to take Josh to school in the morning at 4:30 a.m. He is leaving to go to a marching contest in Oklahoma. I'll have all day tomorrow by myself. No speech tournament, no kid, just me. What am I to do? I'm thinking about taking myself to the movies. I want to see "In Her Shoes." I read the book last year and really enjoyed it. I know the movies are usually never as good as the book, but I still think it would be enjoyable. So that's my life right now. Not much excitement, unless you count filing and moving tables as being exciting.

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Susanlee said...

I really like In Her Shoes (the book) too! Have you read Jennifer Weiners other books? I just love them all..havent gotten the newest one yet though...