Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Nothing interesting

I wish I could update you with interesting tales of my day and perhaps some juicy information about my love life, but I can't. Life is the same old stuff. Not that it's bad to have a routine to it. But my blogging is a bit dry. I don't know what to write about when I'm not whining about some man breaking my heart.

Speaking of guys that have broken my heart... haven't heard from Marty in a while and that's o.k. I think I'm over him. It's not to say that I don't like him or care for him or anything.. I've always said he'll remain special to me, but I find myself not obssessed with thoughts of him. I guess it's being busy, but it's also the realization that he's not taken an interest in staying in touch. I think the majority of our conversations since he's been gone has been initiated by me save one or two. And that's o.k., but I realize that I am no longer "special." O.k. I basically realized that a long time ago, but now I guess it has sunk in. I know he's busy and he's got a lot going on. But I'm certain he stays in regular contact with his girls, understandably.

There's things about being in a relationship that I do miss, but I'm trying to fill my time with other things so I don't ponder it so much. I miss things like holding hands, kissing, and long conversations. But when it's right, it will happen again. I'm to a point where I'm not actively looking for it. I stated earlier that I'm no longer going to go out with anyone that I meet online and I've taken myself off all the singles websites. I'll try to be patient and wait for God's choice for me.

And it's way past my bed time so I must be off. Perhaps there will be more to share tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Patrick Goodman said...

*hugs* Been there, done that. I feel guilty sometimes being so damn happy and you're still not. I hope things get better for you.