Friday, October 14, 2005

Totally survived

I made it through the dentist in record time. I was scheduled for three hours of work and made it through in just two. I guess I was a pretty good patient. I was never "out" of it and didn't sleep or anything, but I really didn't care what they were doing. Only at one point in the beginning I could feel some pain when they were doing something so I raised my hand and they gave me more drugs. Once finished with everything I felt a bit wobbly and loopy, but managed to get out of the chair, pay the bill ($1000 for my portion) and then to my dad's car. We stopped briefly at the pharmacy then made it home. I waited a bit before taking the pain pills as I didn't feel much in the way of pain. I laid down from about 11:30 until 1:00. Then I got up and had some applesauce and soup. I still wasn't in major pain... a little soreness, but decided to take a pain pill. I tried to lay down again around 2:00, but had to deal with some phone calls. I finally went to sleep sometime around 4:00 after Josh got home. I had some weird, vivid and disturbing dreams and then woke up around 6:30. I am now having some blue bell country cooler (orange sherbert & vanilla ice cream). I'll probably stay up for a while and watch some t.v. and then take another pill before bed time.
So far the experience hasn't been nearly as bad as I expected it to be. Sure being in the chair and all of that wasn't great... I especially didn't like the suctioning thing that was cold, but I know it was necessary. I am hopeful that in the long run all of this is definitely worth it. I am happy that within a few months I should have nice, clean healthy teeth and gums.
So thanks for the thoughts, prayers and everything you sent my way. Especially for your dream Summer! Made me feel even better this morning!


momacakes said...

Glad your appointment went as well as possible. I have not gone in a couple of years but I think I'll need a root canal(sp) so am waiting until after the baby comes. No pain... yet. Do you use a dentist here?

Patrick Goodman said...

Glad to hear you made it through all right. Sounds like things are working out for you pretty well in that regard, and I'm happy for that.