Saturday, October 15, 2005

No Pain?

I really thought my weekend would be absoultely horrible and I'd be in major pain and wanting to sleep all day. Not that I'm complaining that it isn't the case. I found myself awake this morning at 3:30. I guess the pain meds had worn off. I wasn't in pain at all, but I took another pill just to make myself go back to sleep. Today, the only soreness I have is the tooth that had the root canal. I can feel a little discomfort if I bite down on it some. The wisdom teeth extraction doesn't really bother me. There's hardly even any discomfort. It feels a little weird, yes, but nothing bad at all. My cheeks haven't swollen and I actually feel pretty good. I am really amazed. Perhaps I'm just a fast healer or something.
I should be able to go to the marching contest with no problem. I'm still not sure about eating anything solid yet, but am thinking a baked potato sounds good for supper.


Summer said...

I am so glad that it went well. I fear the dentist too, but after it's all over with I ask myself, why I got so worked up about it. I hope you're enjoying a pain free weekend. Take care!

Susanlee said...

Im glad youre doing well! When i had my wisdom teeth taken out (all 4 at once) I was okay after the first couple of days with just over the counter pain killers. The first night I actually made my ex (who was my current at the time) take me to Olive Garden with the excuse "pasta's the only thing soft enough to eat!"