Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Not enough hours

Since I began teaching and I've been involved in RCIA, I am finding there is so little time to get much done. My house is still a wreck, but I figure it will get cleaned when it does. I'm not really complaining as I am thankful that my plate is full these days. If I were still working for Jostens, I'd probably have more free time, but I have to say I really am in a happy place right now... so I don't want to change anything.

Tonight I rushed home from school to pick up Josh and then head to Amarillo to get stuff to make a homecoming mum for his girlfriend. It's a big thing down here in the south and I told Josh she would be disappointed if she didn't have one.... whether she admits it or not. Of course I like the idea of being crafty and creative anyways. The cool thing is that Josh wants to help in the process.
I'm sorry I haven't posted daily. I wish I could do and say more, but I guess that's just how life is at the moment. It's already past my bed time, but I did want to get something up today. I brought home papers to grade tonight although I was fairly certain I would not get to them... which is absolutely true. Oh well. I should really stop giving my students so much work, huh? Well, I am off to bed.

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Summer said...

I had forgotten all about the homecoming mum. I wonder where that tradition got started?