Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another brief update

Went to school. Taught. Had a speech meeting after school. Proposed new incentive for their fundraiser. If they bring in $3200 then they'll get a lock-in at the school. Came home. Took a nap. Went to choir rehearsal. Came home. Crocheted. Picked up Josh from rehearsal. Came home. Crocheted. Going to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I hope you are okay today. I am sure you are hard at work right now teaching scores of students how to debate. It is pouring down buckets here at the moment so that means I am housebound today. Not fun! I wanted to get out and explore some more. I’ve got the hiking bug once again, bad!

Reading the other day’s post about Josh’s camera, I didn’t realize digital cameras have come down so much in price. I think I might just splurge next month and buy one at Wally World. Maybe Carolyn can get a discount on one for me. Take care of yourself. I thought you sounded either crazy blogged out or tired as hell from last night’s post. Just worried about you.

Your friend,