Saturday, October 07, 2006

No Break for a while

This will be one of those posts that make you tired again. I relized today that I won't have a break until the weekend of November 17. Next weekend is the marching contest. After that is another marching contest in Albuquerque. The following weekend is a speech tournament. First weekend in Nov. (actually starting Sun-Tues) is the state marching contest (which hopefully the band will be going to). The next weekend (mine & Josh's birthday) will be another speech tournament.

So what did I do today? I got up early to go to the convention, got ready, got in my car, looked at the program in to figure out when the first session started and realized I'd be getting there an hour early. So I came back in and waited. I went to the convention, attended some helpful sessions and left around 1:00. Then I went to my favorite fast food place and got a meat burrito grande and a coke. After that, I went to Michaels to get some rosary beads. They had tons of new beads and I hated the fact that I was on a budget. I did get some cool beads, though. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and got more beads. I came home and took a nap for about an hour and a half. Then I got up and watched t.v. Finally I got hungry so I went to pick up dinner. I took the dogs (Max & Roo) for a R.I.D.E. They hadn't been in so long and they were very excited to get out of the house. I came home and watched more t.v. Then I went to work on some rosaries. I now have 10 made and 3 almost finished but waiting to get more centers & crucifixes. I'm still debated what I should do with them. I love making them and am thinking about selling them online or something. I'm not sure how much interest would be generated, but I also had another idea in regard to the idea of selling them so I'm going to give it more thought.
Now it's almost bed time. I have to go check my closet and see what I have to wear to church tomorrow. Hope everyone has had a good weekend. The blogging world just isn't the same without being able to read Jonathon's blogs. I hope he's having a good time in Florida, but I want to read about it now. How I wish I could meet my wonderful blog friends. I've garned a few new ones thanks to Jonathon's blog. I appreciate ya'll for stopping by and continuing to read. And Kim, thanks for the email! It is certainly o.k. to email and comment as much as you'd like.

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Summer said...

I know how you feel about Jonathon. I certainly wish him the best. And you certainly know that your busy life makes me so tired! I wish I had your energy. I'm not Catholic, but, I'd like to have one of your rosary's. Let me know if you decide to sell them. I want to be first on your list.

Get some rest girlie!