Friday, October 27, 2006

Just tired

Thanks for the note of concern Andrew. I'm fine. I've just felt really tired this week and I'm not sure why. O.k. yes, it's probably due to my lack of sleep this weekend and constantly running myself ragged and not getting a break. But I'm pretty much always in this mode so I'm not sure why I'm feeling it even more so right now. I guess I'm just really ready for the time change. Maybe it's because it's so dark in the mornings when I leave.

To recap my day... Had cafeteria duty this morning. (one of the many joys of teaching... duty... it's no wonder teachers are so lousy these days... who has time to actually prepare and teach actual lessons?) I basically didn't do any teaching today other than 5th period and then I just gave them notes for about half the period and let them play taboo the second half. I did have a brain fart in 6th period today. I sent two students down with our extemp files to take them to my car so we'd have them in the morning for the tournament. One of them came back about 10 minutes later asking "Where is your car?" I had forgotten that I carpooled this morning and I had no car at school. They put the files in one of their cars instead.

I actually spent much of the day working on our speech team website. I did cheat a bit and used a free website template, but I think it looks pretty good so far. I still have links to update on all the sites and such, but it's not a bad start.

Now I'm home and I've made the decision to not go to the game tonight. I really need to get to bed early since I have to leave so early in the morning. (5:45 a.m.) Now I'm fighting the urge to take a nap but I'm going to try to make myself stay awake and just go to bed early. I think I'll go ahead and take my shower soon so I won't have to take it in the morning and my hair will dry before bed (hopefully). My hair is officially long now so it takes longer to dry.

And that's today's exciting post. Stay tuned for tournament results. I may not post tomorrow depending on how late we get back. I'm singing at the 8:30 Mass on Sunday morning (although it will really kind of be 9:30) and if it's late I'm just going to bed.

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