Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Still not enough hours

It's moving full speed ahead. I had to stay after school in order to go to a meeting for our homecoming float information. I did that, rushed home, picked up Josh and headed to the mall. I wanted some accessories for my punk rock outfit. I found some cool earrings and black rubber bracelets. I wanted some kind of choke collar to wear around my neck and although there were plenty to choose from, I didn't want to pay that much for one. So I'll go collarless. Josh and I ate at the mall then ran by the grocery store so I could find regular trashbags for my outfit. I intended to take my car to the car wash tonight, but it started raining as soon as we got into town. I worked on my outfit instead. I altered an old pair of workout pants and turned them into shorts to wear under my trash bag dress. With the remaining material I made arm warmers. I cut my trash bag to give it sleeves and a place for my head. I have a leather belt I will wear to cinch it. I have fish net stockings that I will rip holes in and clunky black shoes. I'm going to paint my nails black shortly and tomorrow I will tease my hair and give it blue highlights. Black make-up should complete the look. Hopefully I'll remember to take my camera so I can get some pictures.
Tomorrow will be a long day with the parade and then I have to pack and get myself ready to go to Albuquerque on Friday since I'm going to leave directly from school. It will be a quick trip as I will probably come back Saturday night. At school I've been working on all the door decorating stuff and I have yet to put anything on the door. Hopefully most of that will be accomplished tomorrow. Well, I better get ready to go to bed.


abbagirl74 said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. Sounds like one of my Halloween outfits when I was younger. Kidding. It should look gnarly!

Anonymous said...

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! hehe!