Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A short post about what I had for lunch

Thanks to Jonathon's idea I will write about what I had for lunch which is kind of odd since it's only 10:55 a.m. here. First of all, I didn't bring anything for lunch today. I do have things to eat in my storage room, but luckily I already had pizza. Our 2nd period classes can earn pizza by having perfect attendance. We had perfect attendance (at least the students did) last week so we got pizza today. I had a slice of pepperoni and a slice of either hamburger or sausage... I couldn't really tell, but it was yummy none-the-less.

Oh, you want more? O.k. I caught up on my papers to be graded and I must report that the grades don't look good. I think I will make a policy that even if the students are technically eligible to go to tournaments because they passed all their classes last six weeks, that if they aren't passing the class that helps them prepare for tournaments, then they shouldn't be able to go. In Texas, we have a no pass, no play rule. If a student doesn't pass any class for the six weeks, then they cannot compete in school events. But if they failed a class, they can regain eligibility during the 4th week if they bring the failing grade up to passing at 3 weeks. It's confusing, I know. And as a teacher we constantly have to make sure students grades are updated because of this. For someone like me that is perputally behind it can be frustrating. With TEKS, TAKS, and no pass-no play, house bill 72, modifications, ARDs, IEP's, BIP's, ISS and everything else under the sun, who has time to teach any more?


abbagirl74 said...

hhmmm, pizza sounds yummy. I had two pieces of toast with butter.

latibug said...

I haven't commented in a while because life has had me down. Seems like you have been busy. Hope you are doing well.

Pizza...I love pizza.