Friday, October 06, 2006

Still tired, but posting anyways

It's been a very long day. I barely made it to the first session this morning at 8:00 a.m. I walked in just as they started. It was a great session on novice LD. They lady that presented was a hoot. Then there was a general session meeting, then I went to a session on finding Interp selections that was o.k. but I'm not sure how helpful it will be. Then we had lunch. It was some kind of chicken with a sauce on top, brown rice and vegetables. The chicken and rice were very good, but you can imagine that I certainly did not eat the vegetables. There was peach cobbler for dessert and although it's not my favorite, it was either pretty good or I was still hungry. The guest speaker was a long time (but now retired) Baptist preacher. I was wondering what kind of speech he might give, but it was very well done. It spoke to all of us as educators and he had a lot of humor in it. It was amazing. After lunch I went to an interest group meeting for oral interp followed by a very long session on current trends in LD debate. I about died in that session. O.k., maybe I'm exaggerrating just a little, but when I start doodling on my paper, it's not keeping my attention very well. I had to doodle to stay awake. Then I had another interest group meeting... this time K-12 education. Next year, I will be taking part in one of the presentations. But at least this way I should be able to go to the meeting since I'm going to be in the program. Next year it's in San Antonio. That should be a lot of fun. After the last meeting I went to a reception at the Amarillo art museum. They had lots of tasty little tidbits. Richard would be proud of me. I tried new things that I didn't know what they were until I ate them. I even ate some lobster tail on a stick. They only thing I didn't care for was some very hot mustard I put on a piece of roast beef on a bun. The desserts were heavenly. From there, I rushed home to change clothes and head up to the homecoming game. I figured I'd be sitting alone again, but I spotted someone that I went to high school with and sat with him. He goes to my church so we spent some time visiting. Unfortunately I was surrounded by a lot of kids. I'm not knocking kids or have anything against them per se... but sometimes they are just too much. I guess I don't remember Josh being that rambunctious. I don't think they sat still for a second. Then there was another little girl that kept counting to 100 loudly and then sang the alphabet song at the top of her lungs while the band was performing. It kind of got on my last nerve... or second to last.. but I just couldn't understand how her mother & grandparents didn't do anything about it. I guess they subscribe to the ignoring method of child rearing. I just know that if Josh had done that, I would have started counting to five. (That was how he knew he was doing something wrong and he knew to stop before I got to one.)
I got home around 10:15 and I'm exhausted. I still probably have to go pick Josh up at school in about 45 more minutes. I better quit typing before my words don't make any senswkeaiojf.

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Summer said...

I'm not sure why people bring their young children to football games and expect them to actually sit there and watch it. It's ludicrous and inconsiderate.

I hope you get some rest this weekend.