Saturday, October 28, 2006

Disappointed, Suprised, and Elated

I've been gone all day long and didn't get a single interesting email in my box. Nobody even commented on my blog. How disappointing. But not too much. I am surprised to find, however, that my blog readership (or at least regular readership for the most part) has greatly increased in the past year. Here's a pic of my site stats over the past year.

My readership has almost doubled. I know of a handful of readers that do read regularly and a few of them comment fairly often as well. I know I'm a poor commenter on others blogs, but I mostly just enjoy reading them and only comment when something moves me or I just have a thought about it. But I am excited that I have a few more people stopping by lately. I don't blog in order to gain readers, I blog because it's become a habit and I do it for those wonderful people that do read me regularly for whatever reason that may be. I have to thank my number one fan, Jonathon, for a lot of the readership I have gained. I know I've garnered a few new regulars thanks to the link on his blog.

Today was a long, but very good day. There's good news all around. (But no, I didn't get a date.) First, Josh's band made it to state! I'll be heading to San Antonio next weekend and early part of the week to go watch. I'm going to stay with my ex who is being kind enough to put me up so I don't have to pay for a hotel room. It will be a fairly quick trip, but this is Josh's only chance to go to state marching contest so I want to make sure I can see it.

Next on the good news front, my team placed 1st in the school sweepstakes at our speech tournament today. Out of 21 students that entered, we had 26 entries (some people entered more than one event) that made it to semi-finals. There were 12 that made it to finals and placed. I am very proud of them. Maybe I'm doing a decent job after all.

Well, although the time change happens tonight, I'm exhausted and am going to bed. I have to sing at early Mass tomorrow. Hope you all have a good night and thanks for reading. Oh... if you do read regularly and haven't ever commented, please do! Come on... don't be a chicken. Just say "hi".


Anonymous said...

I am the world’s worst and most lazy blog commenter and I feel guilty about it many days. I have so many cool people that take time out of their busy days to drop me a line and I rarely return the favor. Your’s, Abbagirl’s, and Pipe Tobacco’s blogs are the really only ones I comment on regularly. I tried yesterday evening to go around and comment on some of the blogs that I read regularly but never chime in upon. It takes so much time and thought to do though.

Congrats on your teams success. That reflects on how good of a teacher you are. I was worried we weren’t going to get a post from you tonight and I finally went to bed after checking one last time.

The “doctor” orders you to sleep in, in the morning young lady! Skip mass, eh? I know you will not. You are too damned responsible for your own good sometimes and wear yourself out. 

Well, I am off for a morning walk out spring road. I can’t sleep yet once again.

BTW -- I almost commented several times on your previous post yesterday, but I worry I will bother you by posting too many comments.

Anonymous said...

Hello :-) I've been reading for over a month now. I did come over from 4th Avenue. Just wanted to at least tell you that yes.. I read regularly!!! And thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Wow, that is awesome about your team getting first. You can definitely show it in your joyful voice when you sing on Sunday.

I stop by everyday as you can probably see and I don't always comment. I definitely know what you mean about people not commenting. I stop by often. I will continue to do so.

Annabel said...

Andrew - You can never comment too much on my blog. I appreciate and enjoy each and every comment. And no, I did not (and would not) skip Mass.

Sue - Thanks for saying hello! I'm glad you did so I will have the chance to check out your blog as well.

Abbagirl - thanks for the hello and for stopping by so often.

Anonymous said...

Helloooooo from me too! You know I hang around here all the time. I just like it here!

Anonymous said...

HI! I've been behind in reading this last week or so. What with everything going on, but it's good to get caught up with everyone.

Hope your Sunday was a good one and your week goes well.