Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A little more interesting day...

...but not much. Mostly a normal day at school. I had a huge headache right at lunch time today. I went to walmart to get more suckers for our float and it was just pounding. I hurried out of there and figured I needed something to eat. I went to Dairy Queen to get a burger & fries and it took forever. My head was really bothering me then. I got back to school and almost felt nauseated it was so pounding. Luckily I had some tylenol so I took three and ate much lunch. It finally went away after about an hour. After school I had to go get a shot. It turns out that an employee at the local Sonic was discovered to have hepatitis A and if we ate there in the last two weeks we could have been exposed. So today I went and got a shot. After school we got started on our float ideas. I didn't get home until 6:30 and didn't have time to cook so I picked up take-out. I had to take Josh to rehearsal at 7:30. Now I'm doing some laundry and waiting for bed time. I'm already tired. I could probably go to bed now, but Josh may need a ride home.

I'm going to be tired all this week. Tomorrow I have to stay for parade stuff again with a meeting at 6:00. I probably won't go to RCIA tomorrow night. I still have to clean my car and get things ready for Thursday. Thursday will be the parade so I won't get home until after 8:00 or so. Then on Friday I'm leaving right after school to go to Albuquerque. Saturday is Josh's marching contest. I am playing that day by ear. I will definitely watch the preliminary round at 1:00 and if the make finals, I'll watch that in the evening. Then I will either drive back right after that or stay at my aunt's. If I stay in Albuquerque, Josh will get back to Canyon at 4:30 a.m. and will have to get a ride home. If I go home, it will be a long drive, but at least I'll be there when he gets in and I'll be able to go to church on Sunday.

I guess I'll be ready for just a regular week next week. Is it bed time yet?

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