Sunday, October 15, 2006

Another Lazy Sunday

I had to get up early to go sing this morning. I guess it went o.k. I know it could have been better, but I did my best. I really enjoyed the homily today. After church, I came home and went back to bed for a bit. Then I got up and checked emails and such. I also spent time crocheting my scarf as well. I watched t.v., did some dishes, and finally got myself enough gumption to go to the store. Josh and I went to the store in Amarillo in order to buy wine so I could make San Francisco chops which are simmering right now. This week is homecoming week and so I have to plan to dress of each day. Tomorrow is celebrity day. I can't think of any particular celebrity I could emulate so I will just dress in my formal wear. The spirit days are kind of weird this year. Tuesday is profession day. I guess I should just dress normally as a teacher. I suppose I could dress in my power suit. Wednesday is twin day and I have no idea what to wear. I might ask the other speech teacher to wear one of her speech t-shirts that I have and that way we could get away with wearing jeans. Thursday is dress like your float day and the speech team is going with an 80's theme. (The homecoming has a "flashback" theme and each class is choosing a certain decade). Our float will be called "How to speak in the 80's" and we'll have those wonderful catch phrases like "gag me with a spoon", "totally", "gnarly" etc. I'm going to dress a punk rocker because I can do that cheaply without buying a new outfit. I'll try to get a picture of my outfit for you. Friday is maroon and white day and that should be easy enough.
Now I'm just waiting for supper to finish. I think I'll go watch CSI and wait.


Anonymous said...

I know you think these posts are boring for your readers, but I love to read about your day to day life. I sometimes envy you in what you can do. I wish I was as outgoing. I have to live in my own simple little world.

Take care of yourself and don't work too hard next week. I will be thinking of you.

Your friend,


Summer said...

Jonathon...she alwaaaays works hard and make me feel like such a lump! I love her for it though. She inspires me.

Jen... I, like Jonathon, enjoy your posts very much. Have fun this week dressing up.

Anonymous said...

Have a great week dressing up!