Monday, October 23, 2006

Paying Bills

I spent this evening paying bills and I'm happy to report that I'm not completely broke. This will of course change very soon when I take the leap and buy a new car. At least I hope my bank doesn't roll on the floor laughing at me when I ask them nicely for a loan. I'm getting anxious about it though. I really want to go test drive, but I'm going to be a good little girl and wait patiently until I talk to the bank first. You know what would happen. I would fall madly in love with a car and decide I must have it and the bank would say "no way" and I would be unhappy and have to find a cheap clunker and that would suck.
I am now starving, but I don't dare go to the grocery store in this state. I am also quite dismayed at the state of my house. It is quite depressing at the moment. And yet I have absolutely no desire to do anything about it. I also brought home a mound of homework that I'm certain that I will completely ignore. I have to figure out what to get Josh for his birthday. It's coming up very soon, you know. I asked him and he has no idea what he wants. I have no idea what I want. (It's o.k. to buy yourself a birthday present isn't it?)
I have now paid off two more credit cards. I'm checking into going to a very basic phone service which hopefully will save me another$30 a month or so.
I don't have anything else to report.
House still a mess. (check)
No dates or even a remote possibility. (check)
Laundry undone. (check)
Dinner. (on my way now....)


Anonymous said...

I would so give you my car. If you lived close then you could drive it everyday. Josh could drive your car and you could drive mine. I rarely drive the damn thing anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping good thoughts coming your way for a loan officer that has an eye for a great credit risk.