Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Now that we've all ragged on him...

Just so you know... although my ex is indeed a pervert and I'm sure even he would admit that, he does have some very good qualities. I know it's strange to think of us together, but outside of the inordinate amount of sexual interests he has, we had several things in common and often had a lot of fun together.
He is very smart. He is a gifted writer (using proper English, even!) and has written a screenplay that is very well done as well as other stories and scripts. He is intelligent and a remarkable programmer. He taught himself Access and has written successful police software programs. He is talented artistically and theatrically. He can also perform magic and do hypnosis. For a while, he and I would travel to different places and put on hypnosis shows. I ran his sounds. It was hilarious to watch and take part in the shows. He also had a romantic streak. He often sent flowers... when in the dog house, for birthdays/anniversaries, and sometimes just because. His proposal was very creative. Perhaps I'll share that story with you at some point.
Unfortunately despite some of these wonderful qualities, there were several other factors that we both decided that we couldn't live with. He is more of a wild, free spirit with very little inhibitions... and I'm pretty much the opposite. (Though I still contend that I'm not as inhibited as he still seems to think.) Our divorce was amicable and he was very fair about it. I filed it myself in court and did all the paperwork for it. He just had to sign the decree. Although I was bitter for a while, I realized that it didn't serve any purpose to hold on to grudges and I finally let go when I wrote him a long letter after I started the annulment process. Let me tell what a relief forgiveness is. Sure, he did things that were wrong, as did I. Now instead of focusing on the negative parts of our relationship, I remember some wonderful times. We travelled well together (if I didn't drink too much) and he introduced me to new things (like theatre & the internet) that are still a part of my life. We are still good friends, but no, we are definitely not relationship material. Our morals and values are different enough that they just don't mesh.
I know that I didn't stroke his ego enough when we were married. Maybe this starts to make up for that.


Anonymous said...

Well, I apologize for judging Richard so harshly. I hope Richard can take a joke as that was the main jest of my postings last night. I wouldn't be a guy if I didn't enjoy some T and A too. Carolyn certainly has a fine set of them. hehe

abbagirl74 said...

I can tell that Richard is a man who has many talents. Isn't it odd that some people who are so talented and professional have a small part of their lives that can make people squirm? It's called having a closet. Anyway, he seems like a good guy, and you got a great kid from him. What more could you want? I commend you for taking a positive step in his direction. Good for you.

Summer said...

I was thinking that being called a pervert could be considered a compliment, at times. Actually being one, of the sort that you refer too, can be of a benefit, at times.

We love you Richard!

Satan Himself said...

Thank you Annabel.
There are several here, who can't imagine a woman like you being with someone like me. I've always said how you think I'm a pervert with a tongue-in-cheek humor. They don't know what kind of person I am, and I get a little tickled that some people still get their panties in a wad when they see the topless biker chick pictures on my profile, and make a judgement on me based on that.

Although we didn't see eye-to-eye on many things, we had some wonderful times together, and I have missed your intellect and your sense of humor. I still admire and have all my respect for you.

For the record, I respect the fact that you and some church ladies may look at me as a pervert. In my mind, that label goes to people like Michael Jackson.