Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I've been hacked

O.k. not exactly hacked because it's my own stupidity, but it is a very clever scam. I received an IM from someone in my friends list that had a link to another site. I went to the site and it asks for you to log in to flckr under your yahoo id to see pictures. Stupid me tries to log in and nothing happens. So I figure it's a bum link. Tonight while eating dinner, a message popped up that said I had been logged off because I logged into another computer. I did no such thing. So I log back in. Shortly thereafter, a friend of mine in my IM list asked me about the link she just got from me. I told her that I hadn't sent her anything and she said that I did. So I put two and two together. Somebody is using this site to get a person's id and password. When you log in, it records it and then they use it to send messages from your yahoo account. I changed my password (yet again), updated my security key, and then created a sign in seal. When I did that and visited the same site as before, it didn't have my personalized sign-in seal on it. I strongly recommend that you do this if you use yahoo services.
Usually I'm not fooled by scams. I know that when you click a thing that says "paypal" it doesn't necessarily take you to an actual paypal site and such. Well, live and learn.

It's Halloween and I haven't had a single trick or treater. I guess most kids these days aren't allowed to just wander the neighborhood because of all the freaks out there. Although my town is actually pretty safe (I can't remember the last time an actual murder took place) there are still some weirdos out there. (You know... the ones that are completely attracted to me.) Most kids go to the Halloween Happening thing at the high school. I guess Josh and I will have to eat the candy ourselves.

Today I got a call from another band parent and I guess now I'm going to go as a chaperone with the band. That means that I won't have to drive down there and I'll get to be with the band throughout everything. That's a pretty good deal. I already put in for the days off next week so it should work out well.

I did make progress in the kitchen tonight. I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and soaked dishes that needed soaking. I'm waiting for the water heater to fill back up so I can run it. I was going to make pizza for RCIA class tomorrow, but since it's All Saints Day with Mass that evening, I was called to reschedule it for next week. The class is going to go to Mass which is great. I have to go as it is a holy day of obligation and I can't make it to the 7 a.m. Mass.

Today at school time just flew by. I have so much to do and I haven't even made a dent it seems. I have several things that need to be graded and my students have to do their performance checks for the next tournament this week. I put together a schedule for that and then everyone kept adding and changing their events. I only got one class of papers graded. I brought them home foolishly thinking I might grade them, but I probably won't. After all, I am spending my time blogging at the moment.

Although I sent Josh a message last night to get a ride, he called at 11:00 needing me to pick him up. Somehow I managed in my drug-induced state to get there and back. Tonight he asked if I was going to bed early. I said I wasn't sure, but if he could get a ride to go ahead. He said he could. The itching is a little better today, but I may take another benadryl tonight as well. I really need to stop eating this Halloween candy. I should have gotten kinds that I don't particularly care for so I wouldn't eat it.

Well, time to go procrastinate some more and find other things to do besides grade papers. Hope you all had a great day and another one tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the securtiy reminder. I'm starting to use Yahoo messenger more and hadn't really thought about the link threat.

I didn't get any trick-or-treaters either. Now what do I do with 3 bags of candy????