Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sitting in the dark

I decided to attempt to avoid handing out candy tonight. So far it has worked. It's not that I'm stingy or anything. I did buy some candy. It's really the pain of having be interrupted from time to time to answer the door and having to deal with the dogs going nuts. I left the porch light off and have all the house lights out. The only light is from the t.v. and my laptop.

I logged into yahoo messenger for about the first time in a month. I stopped getting online after some conversations that left me simply feeling bitter. I was getting tired of having the same old conversations with the same old freaks. I didn't really miss it at all.

School was o.k. today. I am almost completely caught up with my grading. Tomorrow I'm going to clean my office. In comm. app. I did the appreciative listening activity. It's where I play 52 different styles of music for the students to listen to. Before they hear it, they mark their opinion of it and then afterwards they mark it again. They find that there are other kinds of music out there besides rap and hip-hop. Of course, most still hate the stuff I like... opera and classical, but at least I gave them a tiny exposure to it. 7th period debate was even tolerable today.

I left immediately after school today which is highly unusual. I didn't have students staying to work and since I was pretty much caught up with grading I decided I could get home early and go to the store. I waited until Josh got home (he had a clarinet lesson) and then we went to Walmart. I got a few things but need to get to United (another grocery store) to get the things that Walmart didn't have. I know a lot of people hate Walmart, but the groceries are far more affordable than the other local grocery store.

We picked up McDonald's for dinner since Josh had to be back up to school tonight to work the Halloween Happening. It is where different school groups put together activity booths for the local kids. They play games and get candy and other prizes.

I'm not sure what to do with myself tonight. I didn't have any papers to grade. I did laundry last night. I'm just enjoying sitting here in the dark with nothing to do. (Don't even ask me about cleaning my house - I'm saving that for Thanksgiving break.)


Whitney said...

Yay for being caught up on grading. I don't think I am ever caught up on grading. I, too, am a teacher and can relate to one kid ruining the bunch in a class. YOu get to the point you dread the class and wish that the kid would be absent. When that happens I try to figure out why that kid is doing what he is doing. I have one kid now who loves to debate me on anything, he constantly speaks his opinion as it is fact. The other kids groan when he opens his mouth, which is often. I have figured out that he is a natural "evangelist". He has people to "convert". Knowing this makes it easier for me to work with him. I now don't argue as much when he tries to engage me in arguement but I work on helping him to make his point and back it up with hard facts. It was hard at first for me but now I don't even feel the urge to debate with him. I have taken away his fuel also.

mapiprincesa! said...

I sat, gave out candy, enjoyed a glass or two of bordeaux, checked my email, did a crossword puzzle. Sure, I have a chapter to work on for my text. Sure, I have a house that really needs to be cleaned. But my kids were gone and I could just sit, me and my kitty cat, and it felt good. So good for you!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with doing nothing at a time. To just sit and think of nothing can be very relaxing and helps staying "normal".

marykay said...

Thats funny about thanksgiving break is that when everyone plays catchup with the housework before christmas? Its good you had a little break by yourself. Veterans day is a big holiday here so we get a day off from school do you? Another day to clean!