Thursday, December 20, 2007

Almost finished with shopping

I left school early today. Technically we were supposed to stay until 3:45, but I left around 2:00. I already spent the morning working and then went to lunch shortly before 1:00. I felt a little guilty leaving early, but I didn't worry much about it since I tend to devote quite a bit of extra time to work already.

I came home and then headed to Amarillo. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up something for my cousin. From there I went to a Walmart in North Amarillo so I could get the yarn I needed for Josh's afghan. I also got Josh a DVD. After that, I went to the mall. I got my hair cut. It's quite a bit shorter, but not the shortest I've had it. It should at least last me for a while. I want to know what kind of spray conditioner the hairstylists use that make my hair so sleek and soft. I'm sure Cheryl could answer that for me. Is it something I can buy myself?

After my hair cut, I wandered the mall some. I bought Josh his Weather calendar that he wants every year. From there I went to another Walmart to get pet food and some things to get us through the next couple of days before we leave. I'm done with Josh's shopping. I'll give him some cash and that should make him happy. I have a few more things to get that I can pick up in Canyon tomorrow.

I have to get some laundry started and then I'm going to sit on my bed and watch t.v. and do a little reading and then call it an early night. Tomorrow is the last day of school. Yay! I'm going to get home early tomorrow and then clean the house, pack, wrap presents and then we'll probably head out pretty early on Saturday morning.

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