Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Break

I had another enjoyable day of sleeping in. I really didn't do much today other than read most of the day. I've now finished the 6th Harry Potter book and will start reading the 7th one shortly. I did get out of the house, however. Josh, my friend Kirsten, and I went to the movies and saw the 2nd National Treasure movie. I thought it was really good. After coming home, I made a quick supper and opened the present that my friend Kirsten had gotten me. She got me this Looney Tunes coaster figurine that I have been wanting for a while. It has Marvin in it of course. I was thrilled to get it.

I did sign up to take the GRE so I'll be doing that on January 5th at 1:00 p.m. I'll do some math reviews this week and just see how it goes. I'll also work on my admission essay and get everything going with that. Hopefully I'll know something by the end of the month as to whether or not I'll get into Graduate school.

The snow didn't last long, it was a fairly sunny day today. It wasn't enough to get rid of everything on the streets in town, but the main streets and highways were clear. Tomorrow I may try to brave the mall and see if there's something I want to spend the rest of my Christmas money on before I pay bills with it. And with that, I'm going to curl up in bed with my book and enjoy reading.


Susan said...

We didn't get any snow here. :(

Summer said...

I'm sorta looking forward to some snow, but, doesn't look hopeful.

Cin said...

Thats strange, you guys are getting snow and up here in Ohio we have nothing! LOL!