Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday at last

You'd think having a day off this week would make it seem shorter, but it didn't. I had a million things to do and I got about half of them done. Today was a strange day. We had only 30 minutes with our classes and then went to the school musical today. All I can say about that is at least they tried. It dragged considerably and we didn't even get to finish watching it. I was more disturbed by the audience which was completely rude. They wouldn't shut up and between scenes they would whistle and wouldn't stop. One would get another started and before you know it, they were all doing it. As you know, rude audiences is one of my biggest pet peeves, so today was extremely irritating. Then I had an hour and a half with my 7th period class.

I spent time working on on putting one of my tests online. It's time consuming right now, but the students will be able to log on and take it and it will automatically be graded. I won't have to print anything. I'm going to try to get it done this weekend. I also have intentions to get the tree up. We'll see if it happens.

We may be in store for some winter weather tonight. I'm not very keen on the idea, but I guess if it's gone by Monday it will be o.k. I just don't like driving 30 miles to school in it. If we do get snow, I'll be sure to take a picture just for you Andrew.

Well, I have the dinner thing tonight. I am supposed to be picked up by my neighbors at 6:40 p.m. They live just two doors down. I'm assuming everything is still on for now... I don't think the roads have gotten bad yet. It's been drizzly today, but nothing is freezing yet. I'll start getting ready around 6:00. I'll try to report when I get home if it's not too late. Well, I'm going to continue reading my new book for a bit until I have to make myself somewhat presentable.


Andrew said...

You know me. I've been watching the radar for your area all day for the developing storm. They are still predicting snow for us Saturday night as the N'or Easter heads up the coast. I am so excited.

Enjoy the party tonight and I look forward to reading about it such as the food and appetizers and what it was like.

I was telling Mom tonight about you teaching and how busy you are. She told me to write to you that teaching is a tough job and she admires you. I talk about my blog friend as if I know them so well. LOL I know my family wonders sometimes who all these people are.

Good night, gal, and may the ice storm pass you by.

abbagirl74 said...

Hope you missed the storm. I am sending out my Christmas cards on Monday. Have a great weekend and be careful driving.