Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another Sunday

I spent another day doing much of nothing. Josh and I went to church and played our duet. It seemed to go off well. I came home and made some lunch and watched t.v. I thought about going to the book store. My brother gave me $25 gift card to Hastings. I still have a little bit of Christmas money left as well. Tomorrow my friend Kirsten and I will get together for New Year's. We've been celebrating New Year's together for probably the last 15 years or so. We'll probably continue to do so as long as I'm here and she comes homes every Christmas. But today I'm getting a feeling of wanderlust. Although I am quite a homebody, I have an urge to get away. I don't have any place to go, however. I guess Kirsten and I will go to dinner tomorrow and then come back here and watch movies until midnight. We're a pair of party animals, I tell you. Well, I haven't had dinner yet and Josh ate while he was out with friends. I guess I should figure out what I should eat.

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