Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dealing with a cold

I had high hopes that I only had a mild cold because I didn't feel too bad today. I could tell that it was coming on, but I didn't sneeze much... until now. I left school sporting a headache and now I'm sneezing quite a bit and my eyes are watery.

I was supposed to have jury duty tomorrow, but it was canceled. I'm very seriously thinking about taking the day as a sick day instead. I already have the sub, so it would just be a matter of changing the absence reason. I haven't decided yet, however. I really needed to be there for the interviews, but I did plan for the fact that I might not be. I also need to be there to listen to a debate, but I think I need to realize that school does go on when I'm not there. I think in the three years I've been teaching, I've only taken one actual sick day. I've taken personal days that have been planned well in advance, but rarely have I ever taken a sick day. The last one I took was my first year there and it was on the second to last day of school before the Christmas break. I guess I'll decide before I go to bed tonight. If I decide to go, I'll have to call my sub and cancel. If I decide to take the day, I'll just need to email the proper people and change the absence reason. What would you do?

I'm supposed to go to a party tomorrow night, but if I feel as bad as I do now, it would be pointless to go. I'm also supposed to make some kind of food to take. I can't decide what I should do about that. I also need a gift to take. I want to go, but if I go to school tomorrow, I won't have time to get anything done. If I don't go to school and feel o.k. by the afternoon, I could still potentially go. I just don't know at this point. Decisions, decisions.


mapiprincesa! said...

You have been running ragged with speech tournaments in nasty weather (a school-sanctioned event...), grading, work, not to mention all else in your life. To answer your question, I would take the day. The sub has already been arranged, s/he might need or be looking forward to the paycheck, and you can have a day to yourself--albeit a "sick" day, you can relax and give yourself a mid-week break. I can think of worse things to do. You deserve it.

Andrew said...

I hope you sleep late in the morning and enjoy a lazy day of blogging, watching reruns of Monk, and just enjoying a day off. No one deserves it more than you, the hardest working teacher in America! Sleep tight tonight and I hope you don't get any sicker and got over this cold. It is going around.

Anonymous said...

As mapiprincesa and andrew started - wasn't it a little much over the last time?