Thursday, June 23, 2005

Can you guess what this is?

cloudsYou wouldn't think it, but that is actually a part of my old sewer line. Disgusting isn't it? Given that it was a lead pipe in the ground the past 40 years, I guess it's state isn't surprising. But I do have a fixed (mostly) sewer line now thanks to my new best friend, Brian. He only dealt with the one section that needed replaced and they also shoved a 3 inch pvc pipe down inside the sewer line that couldn't be replaced at this time. That should get me by for maybe a few more years.
So I'm discovering that Brian seems to be a pretty great guy. He has actually kept his word to me. I think he's the first man in a very long time that has made a promise AND followed through on it. And this was a pretty big thing to do for me. He also wouldn't let me pay for the materials he bought for it. He has been very in tune with me and picks up on my moods and remembers little details about what I like and don't like. I'm not certain of his romantic skills yet but am hopeful about him. We talk every day in some respect - either on the phone or online. Except I may not be talking to him today because we have a little bet going. For some reason he hasn't quite grasped my stubborn streak. Last night he seemed to think that I would definitely call him today and I told him not to assume anything about me. Then he got so bold as to say I couldn't go a day without talking to him. He doesn't realize that a single day is nothing to me after dating Marty. So the bet is that I will not call him for 24 hours (he thinks I will or he can get me to call him). If I win, I get a back rub. If he wins, he gets one. I'm going to win. I don't take bets unless I'm at least 99% certain of winning. He is welcome to call me, but I won't be calling him. (So there!)
I know I haven't posted in a while because of speech camp going on. I've been gone from 8:45 in the morning until about 9:00 at night. It hasn't left much time for much else and when you throw talking to Brian for a couple of hours at night I can't get a lot done including blogging. But there is a lot of down time at camp.. just not time for me to do anything I need to do. (like stuff at home) I did write a letter to Prison Pete and put it in the mail today. I've gotten all my eBay stuff shipped that has been paid for. I listed another item and hope to do more this weekend. I need to go pick up the new Janet Evanovich book that was released on Tuesday. I meant to get it while I was in town today and just forgot.
So things with Brian are going well. I'm liking him more and more, but still taking it slow. And once again the guy is falling faster than I am. I guess I can't help the fact that I'm so dang irresistible can I?

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