Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Perfect Man

man I know he doesn't exist. But in the great what-if's out there I made my list. I based this on things I would like to see in my future mate, though I know some things will have be compromised. I also took into consideration things in my past relationships that bothered me. Just in case you see something kind of odd on there. I don't know if this is finished and yeah, you may think it's absolutely impossible, but it is just a wish list after all.

My Perfect Man

Will have a job that he enjoys but doesn't let the job come before his relationships
Will not be cheapskate, but not also not necessarily a big spender
Will leave decent tips at restaurants
Is romantic or will at least try to be
Is loyal beyond measure
Is fun to be with
Is financially responsible
Is a good conversationalist and is able to talk about anything
Smart (not necessarily in the "book" sense, but can be smart in other fixing things)
Can love me for who and what I am and doesn't want to change me.
Has similar values and morals
Is trustworthy
Is honest (but not necessarily to a fault)
Is emotionally available and not attached to exes
NOT a biker
Can and will take vacations and loves to travel... but won't force me to go camping.
Is not a hyper morning person
Is not obsessive
Is not a big partier
Is unselfish; is giving
Not too quiet, but not an attention hog either
Has similar interests
Practicing Catholic and able to be married in the Church
Someone willing & able to live in Canyon
Someone that finds me interesting and exciting
Is not obsessed or even interested in porn
Is a good kisser
Doesn't smoke
Someone that isn't too busy and doesn't make time for his relationships
Is good looking, but not so much that he knows he is.
Brings out the best in me and makes me smile when I think of him
Bonus if he wears boxer briefs (and looks good in them). **growl**

So am I asking for too much? Maybe. But the thing is that I think Brian has a LOT of these qualities. In many ways he is quite opposite of Richard. He's not so much opposite of Marty, but just different. And the things that I'm not sure about regarding Brian I'll learn about him. And yeah, I still like him. Still talking to him every day. No, we're not exclusive though he would prefer it that way. But I also have no other offers at this point. I told him he'd have to meet the rest of my family before I'd let him be my boyfriend. But I am hopeful about him.

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