Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ebay and other stuff

I used to love ebay. I bought a lot of my Marvin stuff via ebay. I found a great St. Christopher/Coast Guard necklace that I bought Marty for Christmas. Now I'm not certain about how I feel about it. I've been working on putting stuff on ebay. It's a LOT of work especially if you don't know much about the items you're having to sell. I spent all day yesterday packing, researching, writing descriptions, and posting a whopping seven items. But now I know a great deal about antique German dolls. I know how to figure postage using the usps website. I also know that this could very easily be a full time job. There's some good potential for a nice commission for doing this, but I will be spending a lot of time on it. Not that I have much else to do this summer. My goal is to list 5-10 items each day. Though today I couldn't do it because I had to go to work in Sunray and spent 4 hours there this afternoon.

Summer band is going great and I'm really enjoying playing again. It's also great to be doing this with Josh. I think he's going to get a lot out of it by participating. Not only is it helping his (our) endurance, I think it will help him with his sight-reading at band camp. Tomorrow is our first (informal) concert. If you live in the area and want to drop by, concert is at 1:00 in the band hall. Email me if you're interested in coming.

I have a date planned for this week on either Thursday or Friday depending on when my date gets back to town. (He works for the railroad) Here we go again with the dating process. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to dating in general again. This time it seems different. Last time I was really ready. I think I had something to prove to myself. Maybe I'm not so ready now. Then again maybe I am. I haven't stopped loving Marty, and I know I always will in some way. But I know I have to move on and there's no point in waiting for him. But this guy I'm going out with seems nice. Maybe too nice. Maybe it's true that nice guys finish last. Can a guy simply be too nice? I guess we all want a guy that's a little rough around the edges. But it really is kind of refreshing talking to a guy that doesn't keep commenting on my pictures and talking with lots of sexual innuendos. In fact this guy has never even said anything remotely sexual. So far the plan is to go to Outback (yum!) and the possibly go play putt-putt, then maybe an evening cocktail. The down side of this potential date is that he lives in Dalhart. Which isn't exactly far when you compare it to Connecticut, but 90 something miles away is still an issue... that is if we hit it off. So I guess we'll see how things go. I'll be sure to report back after my date.

And that's all in my world for now. Am going to enjoy my break from ebay tonight. (But good news is that a few people are keeping watch over several of my items and I have one bid so far.)


Susanlee said...

I've been much happier since I found my 'nice guy' than I ever was with the ones that had that appealing rough around the edges quality...I hope you have a great date!

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