Monday, June 13, 2005

Date Details

clouds Well, I've had a first official date. But before I get to the details of it I'll have to tell you of a kind of strange situation that happened beforehand.

I do chat with all sorts of people and somehow ended up talking to a husband and wife randomly. (At least I think for now it was random) Well somehow I guess because of reading my blog they became aware of the guy I was talking to and planning on going out with. All of a sudden I'm getting warnings about him because a friend of theirs had also been talking to him. I'm not going to go into details, but suffice to say I grew a little concerned that he wasn't quite what I thought and was even more concerned about my judgment because I heavily rely on my instincts. Well, after getting the information about him I sent him a copy of it and asked him about it. I wasn't sure what to think but in the end after talking to him and his daughter I decided to go ahead and meet him for dinner.

We met at Outback. He brought me roses. (a good sign) We had a nice dinner. I went out on a limb from ordering my usual and had a steak. It was delicious. Conversation was good and friendly. After dinner we went to play putt-putt. In the first 18 holes he proceeded to kick my butt royally... but after that, I got my groove on and he was distracted in telling stories so I ended up beating him by one point. (Yay, me) Then we were going to go play pool but it was closed down so we went to Applebees for a drink and more conversation. We stayed there for 2 hours. After that, he took me back to my car. He showed me photos of his girls. He gave a hug before he left. And that was it. He called me at midnight to make sure I had gotten home o.k.

He was a perfect gentleman that opened doors for me and never made any inappropriate comments, gestures or anything like that. So I still think my instincts are in check and I was right. I also know that if he isn't what he says he is, then I'll find that out on my own in time. I don't think one can get a true picture of a person from online and phone conversations. It takes seeing people in person in different elements to see what they're really like. So I'm sure we'll be going out again. I know he definitely likes me. Of course I'm slow on the whole falling for people thing so it will take time for me if I do fall.

I do have some concerns, but I wouldn't be me without my concerns. He's not really playing the field much... well, not at all as far as I can tell. He's only been divorced since January and I wonder if he should do some more dating before focusing on one person. The fact that he lives in Dalhart is still a concern. And there's a couple of other things but overall it's nothing that would keep me from going out again.

It's both strange and nice to be going out again. Although I don't have a lot of offers coming in, I'll keep my options open and see where my heart leads me this time. Again, I'm still not so sure I trust it, but have to take chances, right?


Susanlee said...

*yaay* what a fun date! I'm glad you had a good time, you *so* deserve it!

Summer said...

I'm so glad you had a good time!