Thursday, June 30, 2005

Not much to tell

I've still been busy with speech camp so I haven't had much time to update. But only a day and a half left so it will be a relief when it's over.

Brian and I are still talking daily. I think we're kind of moving forward in a sense in the fact that after our discussion last week about the distance issue, neither one of us is saying that perhaps we should back off. So we're just going to continue to see each other and see where it leads and jump those creeks of issues when they come up. I think regardless of how things turn out, I've made a wonderful new friend.

I sent Marty an IM last night telling him happy birthday. (it's today) He sent me a quick response explaining why he hasn't been on much lately. It was something about one of the guys up there going through a nasty divorce which makes Marty have to do work more or something to that effect. But I still think that if he was missing me, he'd make the time to talk to me in some way. I'm sure he's found numerous occasions to talk to his ex. And despite the fact that I know this, it still stings with a bit of hurt. But at the same time, I'm still always glad to hear from him. I know I do need to move on because there's no hope there... but just because I know something logically doesn't mean it's easy to do. But I am moving on slowly. I'm still letting him go because I have to.

Brian is coming over tomorrow evening. Not sure what we're going to do, but my dad and his girlfriend are coming over for supper as well. Brian is also going to help me with a few household issues that need to be addressed... in which I'll rant about that shortly.

I got a call from my sister today and I guess she's going to make a quick trip here for the 4th. Of course I won't believe it until she's actually here, but I guess it will be good to see her. I need to get busy on my house.

Ok... my household rant. Sewer line is still having issues I think, but not certain at this point, but it does need to be checked and then the hole needs to be filled. Now my toilet isn't working. And the breaker for the kitchen keeps blowing when I try to run the airconditioner and the microwave at the same time. Back yard desperately needs to be mowed and the house itself is perhaps a few steps short of a pig sty. O.k. maybe not that bad, but I need to get several things done and have no time to do it. Yesterday I gave serious thought to accidentally lighting a match and torching the place.

And now I've got to head to my final summer band concert, though it's not really the last one since I'll be playing in director's band at band camp.

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Summer said...

I'm sorry to read about all your household troubles. It's just one sucky thing after another isn't it? But, I admire you for your wonderful attitude towards life. Keep going!