Saturday, June 25, 2005

Interesting Blog

clouds This site called PostSecret was listed on blogs of note. It's strangely disturbing and yet completely fascinating. People can send in anonymous post cards with any secret. This guy posts them in the blog.
I got to thinking... which of my secrets would I send in? Oh, yes, I do have secrets. There are things hidden inside myself that nobody knows or ever will know. I don't post EVERYTHING on here, contrary to the belief of some.
My son said last night that I couldn't keep a secret. Well, maybe that's true to some degree... but also not true at all. Do you have secrets? Would you even send it in to be posted like this?


Summer said...

I read this blog every Sunday when it updates. It is fascinating. Yes, I would send a postcard. Would you?

Annabel said...

Yes, I would send one in.