Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day off

I basically have the day off today. I went to a meeting in Canyon at 10:00 that lasted for two hours. And now I'm home sitting in my underwear. I'm thinking about doing laundry, but haven't quite gotten started on it yet.
I've noticed that I've also been hit with the annoying commercial comments on my blog so I, too, had to turn on word verification in order to comment. I know it's a pain, but I really don't need commericals for Laser Hair removal.
I have a potential date for this weekend. I always say potential because until it actually happens I'm always skeptical. Generally I've found that in many cases something "comes up" and it's rescheduled. Even my first date with my husband was rescheduled. He's lucky I gave him a second chance.
I had one guy that did that twice and stood me up the second time without even calling, so he never got a third chance.
So, I am going out with a guy that IM'd me online. I'm still not certain about the online dating stuff.. still very dubious whether it's right or worth it. But at the same time, how else am I going to meet people? I took my name off all the personals sites I had joined and decided to not look so hard. So we'll see. I'll keep you informed. He seems nice so far and he hasn't offended me online yet. Although I was concerned that when he first sent me a message, his profile was listed as an adult profile. But when I checked it out, it wasn't anything profane so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He said that he didn't know how it was listed that way and changed it.
Well, I guess I'll get some laundry started and do a little house cleaning now that I have some extra time. Or I might go take a nap.

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Susanlee said...

My yahoo profile has actually been listed as 'adult'. I had it that way because I got really really tired of 14 year old boys messaging me...