Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hump Day

Middle of the week. I don't know if that is good or bad. I usually am thinking that it's great that the weekend is coming up, but I have to take students to a speech tournament by myself. We're planning on leaving at 6 a.m.

I didn't blog yesterday because I was just too tired. I came home and fell asleep in the chair. Then I went and picked up supper because I didn't want to cook. I was in bed by 9:30. I must be getting old or something.

Today is nerd day at school. I'm one of the few teachers that have dressed up. I think it's sad when teachers are too frumpy to take part in school spirit. Yesterday was hat and shades day and I wore my tall marvin hat that glows in the dark. I'll try to get a picture of today's outfit posted soon. Tomorrow is dress like your float day. (Each class builds a float based on a theme.) I'm technically a Jr. class sponsor so I have to go with a James Bond theme tomorrow. I think I'll just wear one of my formal dresses.

I think I'm losing weight. I've noticed some of my clothes feeling more loose and I think the scale is definitely going down some. And I'm not really trying. It's probably good that I'm not driving all day and drinking lots of cokes and eating fast food. I hope to continue to lose a little more. I wonder what would happen if I actually put some effort into it.

I got news from the attorney general's office today. I was amazed that I got a response from my initial request about simply getting child support (before all the stuff happened) after only about two weeks. I responded back telling about his dad's passing and they told me that they don't handle estate issues and that I'd have to hire a private attorney. The problem is that I can't afford an attorney and the point is to be able to get Josh part of Jacob's estate. I'd hate to hire an attorney and then give have of Josh's money to them. Maybe I'm overexaggerating, but they seem to be very expensive. I guess I'll see what I can do on my own before I jump in. Perhaps my dad's attorney can help me out some.

Well, that's all the news in my world right now. RCIA is tonight and I'm looking forward to that.

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Summer said...

I just had a thought. Aren't you eligible for social security benefits for Josh until he's 18?