Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lazy Students

I didn't have much to say today so I've decided to bitch about students that think they can blow off my class. Yesterday when I was gone, their assignment was to write the rough draft of their request letter. (They're writing letters to a person of their choice requesting information.) Even though the substitute said my classes were good, I discovered than many of them either did not do the work at all or some only wrote a single sentence. They had the entire class period to write the rough draft. They had two example letters to follow and detailed instructions. My class is not a hard class. I don't assign homework unless a student doesn't finish within the time I give them in class. I almost always give them entire class periods to work on assignments in order to not give them homework. They get a grade at the end of the week that is basically a "freebie" for behaving and doing their work. This week I started cracking down on those not working. I gave them the opportunity to correct their test they took in order to improve their grade. I know there will be students that won't correct it, even though it is worth 60% of their grade. I'm just amazed at how lazy these kids are. They are aware that they have to have this class in order to graduate. I really have no sympathy for those students that are failing. There is really no excuse to fail my class. If they just try, they will pass. But it is not a blow off class. There is work to be done and I do grade the work. It's not difficult or even time consuming. Kids are just lazy. Now, I'm not saying this is true for all my students. I do have some great kids that are doing very well... and that is what is making it worthwhile.

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Susanlee said...

I noticed that when the state made speech a mandatory class for graduation that the quality of the students in the speech classes dropped rapidly. It sucked because before it was all people who were really interested, and we used a lot of class time working on UIL Forensics events..but after it became mandatory, it filled up with loads of slackers...ugh I'm sorry for you *hug*