Saturday, September 10, 2005

Girls in or around Amarillo that have naked pictures

Yes, I know that title is an attention-getter. But those are the words that someone searched and then came up with my blog. I'm not sure what is going on with sitemeter as I didn't pay to be able to see the search words or perhaps that is now a free feature on it. When I checked some of my hits, it is showing me the words used to search for web pages. I guess because I've used all of those words in my blog it came up as a hit. Here's what shows on the search page:

Story of My Life. Monday, August 22, 2005. Hip, Hip, Hooray!! I can't believe they said yes. They didn't laugh in my face. O.k. it was just one guy, but I'm still amazed. The suspense is killing you, huh? ... I had taken before pictures so I can show ... He's coming to Amarillo to take his girls shopping and invited ... to just run around the house naked.

Now I wonder how some other people have found my blog. I discovered some come from Patrick, Prison Pete or other blogs that have a link to mine on their page. Some come from reading my yahoo profile. Some are just random from blogger. I'm curious about those that have me bookmarked and read regularly, yet have never commented. Well, if you do read, I am honored.


Patrick Goodman said...

Oooooookay. Gosh, I wonder what brings people to my blog. Of course, since I somehow managed to kill my hit counter, I can't even check stats, but....

I don't comment as much as I might sometimes. Sorry.

Gern Blanston said...

I too, arrived at your blog looking for naked Amarillo girls. Funny world, ain't it?