Friday, September 02, 2005

My Talented Son and other stuff

My son is so talented. O.k. maybe you've heard me say that before. No, I'm not in the least bit biased. But he really is talented and smart. He's in the band and he's learned a new instrument that he is playing very well. The "pit" has a solo part in their first number (from the opera "Carmen") and he nails it. It's fast and incredibly together.
AND he tried out for the school musical and got a small part. Not bad for a freshman.

Have I mentioned before how much I miss band? O.k. maybe I have said that before too. But I do. It was so much fun in high school. Sure, I'm kind of erasing those emotional moments of broken hearts and what-not, but I truly had a blast being in band. Every time I go, it brings back a memory. I hope Josh finds it as enjoyable as I did. O.k. maybe not quite as enjoyable. Because I do remember those looonnnggg band trips my senior year. And what I did with Marty under the blanket. Bad Jennifer.

It was an emotional night tonight. The head drum major lost his father this weekend. I don't know details on how it happened, but the band made a special presentation by everyone walking by his podium and placing a red rose on it. Then they presented two white roses to the sons who in turn gave them to their mother. I didn't know any of them, but it was emotional and I started crying.

My principal and assistant principal visited my class today while we were in the lab. And it didn't bother me. When I was teaching at the junior high I was so intimidated by my principal, any time he came by I figured I was in trouble for something. So far it seems the principal is being very supportive. I asked him about a filing cabinet today and he said no problem. He'd make sure I'd get one with a key. And he said he'd mail the letters my students are writing.

Well, it's a three day weekend.... actually four for me because I'm going to a meeting on Tuesday. I'm very happy that the only day I have to get up early is on Sunday.

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