Friday, December 30, 2005

Blogs of Note

I don't if it's just me and perhaps I just don't "get it", but I've checked the blogs of note recently and they don't seem that interesting. It's not that my blog read by about a dozen people daily (if I'm lucky) is all that exciting either... but then again, I'm not a blog of note. But shall we examine these blogs that have been noticed?

Who Has Time For This?A venture capitalist's observations of the consumer internet, information security, entrepreneurship, and science. Welcome to the sausage factory! I’m not sure if it’s all just above my head, but it seems to deal mostly with economics and it was boring in high school and it’s still boring now.

The Lonely Island - This is the spot for all your hot Lonely Island news. Reported by me, Chez! Got any sizzling TLI gossip or sightings? Your secret is safe with me *wink* Is it just me or does anyone else over the age of 30 “get” this site?

ScuBlog – O.k. I can see the appeal of this blog for people that have an interest in scuba diving. That doesn’t happen to involve, but the pictures are interesting.

Treo 650 Tips - A collection of Treo 650 modifications and advanced info to make your Treo 650 the best it can be
This seems like it’s just one big commercial for the Palm Treo (I had to look it up as I didn’t know what it was) Again… how is this interesting to general readers? Is it because I’m broke and can’t afford such neat toys?

Lovento - Your social nightlife- and leisure-community! I guess the website has to do with people that have a social life… but how does that apply to online? Forgive me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t a social life generally mean that one should leave the house? I guess I’m in the dark ages since I don’t have a social life of any sorts. Maybe that’s the reason why this particular blog isn’t interesting to me.

My Life on a Plate - The memoirs of a galactic traveler, spinning around in the same endless circle. At least this one resembles what I would term a “real” blog. But what gets me is that it has a total of 9 blogs. The writing is good, but I’m not sure how it becomes noteworthy in such a short time.

Little John PalmOS - Little John PalmOS (or LJP in short) is a multi-system emulator for PalmOS 5.0 (or newer) devices. Another commercial for doohickeys that do not nor will never own.

Finding Lisp - Slowly but surely, the programming world is finding Lisp...
A blog by Dave Roberts (dave-at-findinglisp-dot-com)
I don’t get ANY of it. I used to think I had some basic computer understanding. I guess I am mistaken. Waaayyy too over my head here.

The Splintered Mind - Overcoming Neurological Disabilities With Lots Of Humor And Attitude O.k. this one I’ll give them. It is actually an interesting read. Not something I would necessarily bookmark, but can understand the appeal. Writer takes a humorous look at his deficiency and does a great job with it.

Under Aged RVers - A travel blog about Dan and Rachel Goddard. two 31 year old RVers. Eh, some interesting pictures and stories… but it’s not being posted any more. You have to go back and read the archives.

Casa del Ionesco – Some quirky posts, but it’s all pretty random.

HorsePigCow – Seems like a typical blog. I didn’t find anything extraordinary in the writing or the numerous pictures posted.

Xooglers - A gathering spot for ex-Googlers to reminisce and comment on the latest developments in search. Still a bunch of technical stuff that is above my head mostly. The guy writes well at least.

Lou Romano – Some kind of artsy thing with some interesting pictures by the blogger, but he’s only posted in the month of November.

Pimpwiz - is most simply a content portal; your guide to the opulent lifestyle and source for high-end pop culture. O.k. this doesn’t relate to me in any way. I don’t I will have to use the word “opulent” in my vocabulary ever.

So tell me… is it just me or does any one else find these “blogs of note” not all that noteworthy? I'm not saying my blog deserves any recognition... but I think it's better than some of these other ones. At least I'm not commercializing gadgets and I've been blogging longer than a month.


Jim said...

Funny thing, I had just finished looking at all of these Blogs of Note before I read your post and I agree with you completely. The current crop is not noteworthy at all. Who decides that a blog is a Blog of Note?

Andrew said...

I quit checking the blogs of note lately. They have been horrible; nothing interesting at all.

If I don't get to chat with you before the 1st, Happy New Years! I have really enjoyed your recent posts. Keep blogging on!!!


Summer said...

I agree with you totally. I checked these out a couple of weeks ago and was sorely disappointed. I thought that it was supposed to be about THE WRITING. Happy New Year!

TreoTricks said...

jajaja... pretty good. I agree with you but was glad to see my blog on "blogs on note" list.

I noticed you didn't have the "lonelyhousewife" blog on you list....