Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Too Much

to do and so little time. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now, but just doing the best I can. Didn't get anything accomplished this weekend as I had a speech tournament on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday I was so tired I couldn't go to 8:30 mass so I slept in and went to adult formation class at 10:00 and then mass at 11:15. Then after that, I had to go to the grocery store and make the turkey I bought on sale last week. I got my kitchen cleaned and the living room picked up in expectation of having guests for dinner, but nobody was available. So Josh and I had our turkey meal ourself. Now I have plenty of leftovers.
I very seriously considered playing hooky from school on Monday. I just wanted a day to get caught up on things. But I made myself go, which was probably a good thing.
Tonight I stayed after school since I didn't have my carpool buddy today and got some papers graded. I was there until 6:00. Now I've just finished supper and am wondering how I'm going to get my tree put up and lesson plans done by tomorrow and laundry that Josh just asked me to do. So why am I sitting here blogging? I guess because I'd rather be doing this than the other things. I have no other time to put my tree up other than tonight. Tomorrow is RCIA. Thursday is Josh's band concert and possibly choir practice. I'll be gone all day Friday through Saturday night late. I'm taking students to a speech tournament in Lubbock this weekend. Then Sunday is church again.
I still need to check on Josh's SSI, but I keep forgetting to take my contact information with me to school and since they close by 4:00, I can only call while I am at school.
Well, I better get off my duff and get started on all of this.

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